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Controller Exterior


Dimension 326mm*221.6mm*42.5mm
Input voltage 90~240Vac±15%, 50/60Hz
Humidity 85%RH@40°C
Working temperature 0~65°C (32~150°F)
Store temperature -40~85°C (-104~185°F)
Human interface
Dimension AF08C: 470mm*260mm*56.8mm
AF10E: 600mm*310mm*56.8mm
Input voltage +5Vdc , +12Vdc
Humidity 85%RH@40°C
Working temperature 0~65°C (32~150°F)
Store temperature -40~85°C (-104~185°F)
Human interface system RDC 1120 x86 based RISC CPU
Display resolution 8" or 10.4" TFT LCD (Resolution 800*600 pixels), LED backlight
Push button Tactile switch with film touch
Touch panel 4-Wire resistive touchscreen(option)
Central processes RDC 1120 x86 based RISC CPU
Human interface system
CPU2 Displays/Memory/Keyboard control RDC 1120 x86 based RISC CPU
Capacity of memory modules
Memory module NVSRAM
Capacity 80ea(Standard)
USB interface
Processor PIC 24FJ64GB106
Ram 16K
Rom 64K
USB storage 1 million modules on system memory
Human interface
Connector 9pin DB male & 6 pin x 2.5mm male
Transmission interface RS232C
Realtime clock 24 hours
Multi-language support The standard 6 kinds (Chinese and English, reserve 4 kinds), most expand to 10 kinds
Temperature control board
Channels 8
Heater channels 7
Oil channel 1
Accuracy 0.1°C
Control manner Fuzzy PID theory
Inaccurate range 0.25%@±1°C
Temperature range K type 0~400°C
Alarm High/Low limit
TBO: Temperature probe open
OPN: Heater open
Grounding 250Vac@60Hz
Multi-point grounding 125Vac 250ma@60Hz
Analog input: Position & pressure sensor
Input ports Position sensor x 4, pressure sensor x 3
Mould Port1
Inject pressure Port2
Screw Port Port3
Eject position Port4
Mould pressure Port5
Inject Unit Port6
System pressure Port7
Resolution 16bits(0~65535 each ports)
Calibrate Completely software calibration
Provided power +9.45Vdc/10ma@3500Ω
Accuracy 0.01mm
Analog output: Controlled proportional valve
Standard control Pressure, speed, back pressure (2 ports expandable)
Resolution 12bits(0~4095 each ports)
Precision 0.1kg/cm2 or 1psi and 0.1%
Voltage control +10Vdc
Current control +1Adc
Full scale linear calibration Software calibration
Ramping control 256 stages on software calibration, reaction time as 0.01 second
External input port
Standard: ports 32 (Expandable 16 points to 48 points)
Indicator Green LED
Working voltag 24Vdc±10%
Input current 24Vdc@10ma
Isolation Optical couple
Power source 24Vdc @14.6A
External output port
Standard: ports DC:26(Expandable 16 points to 42 points), RELAY:6
Isolation Optical couple
DC driver IC MOSFET@9A
DC least load 5mA
DC full load 1.8A(Continuous full load test)
DC maximum peak current 5A
DC indicator Red LED
Relay operating voltage range 120~250Vac, 18~32Vdc
Relay least load current 10mAac, 10mAdc
Relay full load current 3Aac or 5Adc(Continuous full load test)
Relay maximum peak current 5Aac or 8Adc
RELAY indicator Yellow LED
Power source Switching power supply 24Vdc @14.6A
Automatic power on
Auto power on time setting One week
Battery DC9V Battery
System power
Power source Switching power supply + DC/DC power board
Input 90~132Vac/80~264Vac (By switching)
Output +5Vdc@3A, 48Vdc@4A max
+12Vdc@0.5A, -12Vdc@0.35A, P24Vdc
Input/Output power
Power source Switching power supply
Input 88~132Vac/176~264Vac, 50/60Hz
Output +24Vdc@14.6A